A new look

July 3, 2009

I decided I would play around a bit with the customizable features of the blog. I have this new look called “neat” and I think I like it. The internet has certainly changed from when I first started using it almost 15 years ago. When I first got the internet, it was through a service called ‘freenet” which wasn’t exactly free, but pretty close. It was dial up and it was text based. No fancy pictures or colours, just text. I think I had the option of changing from green text to white text, but that is about it. When there was a picture that was on the website, it would just say [image]. If I really wanted to see the picture, I could move the cursor over the [image] and download it. This could take a few minutes to do. Obviously, downloading didn’t happen very often.

Now, I can really see what the author of a site wants me to see. From colors to pictures, fancy text and video, websites are dynamic and engaging, not the boring “plain-jane” sites of old.

A word of caution is definitely in order, however. Too much is often too much. Getting crazy with colors and fonts is often detracting to the viewer. Instead of going with neon orange, dark blue, and hot pink (a color combination my girls would like), a better choice is a color palette where the colors complement each other. For example, a site that has a few different blues or shades of green and blue. Whatever the choice is, keep it simple, don’t go too wild and crazy, it won’t keep your audience aroudn for very long.


One comment

  1. I like wordpress too – mostly because it was the first blogging program I tried (after advice from Mack Male in 2006) about what one he recommended at the time. I did a blog while we were living in Salzburg – salzburgyear.wordpress.com – and enjoyed how easy it was.

    Now I have three blogs (with three different email addresses – good point about wanting to have more than one blog) all in wordpress. I think “better the devil you know…..”

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