Flickr and the Periodic Table

July 4, 2009

As I contemplated how Flickr could be used in my classroom, I tried to think about what Flickr really is.  As I played around with Flickr and looked at pictures, Flicker became two things to me: (1) a way to organize and (2) a way to show off and be creative.

With these two concepts at the forefront of my thinking, I realized that the Science 9 course that I will be teaching for the first time would be a great place to use Flickr.  The Science 9 curriculum has students learning about chemistry and more specifically about the periodic table of elements.

In the past, I know that students have made their own period table or have done one element each and the class then assembles the elmements to make one big table.  These are good ideas, but I figured Flickr could have a part in the organization of the information.  The creativity, that is all on the students.

The Plan

Students would be asked to either use a graphics program such as Photoshop to design or take a digitial camera to find or create each of the symbols on the periodic table.

Once created or taken, the photo/picture would be uploaded to Flickr and the description and tag features would be used to describe the element, its history, nomenclature, uses, etc.  Students would use information obtained from notes or research to develop the descriptions and the tags.

Once completed, students would have an opportunity to present their element and the findings.  With the use of an interactive whiteboard or projector, students could easily present their element.

I would think that a lesson and activity such as this would take no longer than a couple of days but the information would be saved for a much longer period of time allowing students to use the Periodic Table of Elements set of pictures as a study tool in the future.

The start of the periodic table using oxygen and hydrogen can be viewed here.



  1. I can recall my first learning of the periodic table and Dan and I believe this approach would have definitely spiced up the class and my interest – great adaptation to include both the scientific and creative abilities of students.

  2. I think the same…

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