The web is good, but a program is better

July 4, 2009

I began to work on my photo-sharing project and realized, Meghan and I have a ton of pictures.  As I searched through them to find a theme of pictures, I figured out that we have a bunch of pictures of kids (and their dad) sleeping.  I thought to myself, “self, why not post some pictures of the girls sleeping…they look so angelic…and never have silly smiles [Kaitlyn].”  With this thought in my head I went searching for photos of sleeping…

As I began to upload photos, one at a time, I again thought to myslef, “self, there must be a quicker and more efficient way of doing this…”  After doing some reading on the Flickr site, I discovered there was.  Flickr has a program called Flickr Uploader (why do they insist on forgetting the “e” before the “r” (all the students I teach will think that is a PROPR way to write)?

Flickr Uploadr is a program that you donload to your computer.  It allows you to batch upload files.  Instead of doing it one at a time, you can simly select the photos you want, click open and it is added to the Flickr Uploadr program.  When you have all the photos you want, click upload and all of the files go to the Flickr site.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.

The one “hmm” consideration that I pondered was the size of the pictures that I was taking.  Meghan and I bought a Canon Rebel digital.  It takes a beautiful picture, but we often have it set to its best settings.  These settings cause the picture to be very large in size.  As a result, it takes longer to upload to Flickr and I can not open as many.  I decided to use Corel Photo Draw to reduce the size of the pictures so that more could be uploaded and for the upload to be quicker.

Check out my first Flickr attempt here.  Don’t talk to loud though…ssshhhhhh.


One comment

  1. Dan all of your sleeping beauty pictures are precious! Thanks for sharing, Heather~:)

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