Picasa Party

July 9, 2009

Do you remember your mom saying to you, “Just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean you have to.  If you saw your friend jumping off a bridge, would you do the same?”

Apparently, I don’t listen to my mother, because I joined the Picasa party.  I may have arrived late to the party, but it is still rocking and I want a piece of the fun.

As is the case with software nowadays, if you just keeping clicking next, the program will install itself and Picasa was no different.  Picasa is different from Flickr in that it needs a program to be installed on your local machine.  While I don’t mind this as a the program can do some cool things, some people might find this annoying or an extra program on their computer that they can just live without.

I saw Heather create a collage of pictures and I thought to myself, “Self, you can do that.”  And so I did create a collage.  I used some pictures that I took of Bethany and Kaitlyn last fall.  After I tidied a bunch of leaves that were in the yard, the girls decided they were going to have a little bit of fun.  It was all worth it and you will see why when you see the pictures.

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

This type of functionality of a program would be very beneficial in the classroom.  I go back to the science lab for inspiration on how Picasa could be used.  If a student were to take pictures of chemicals or items that are dangerous in the classroom and relate to the WHMIS safety.  If the symbol that the student is studying is corrosive, the student could place a the corrosive symbol in the middle with all of the chemicals in the room that fall into the corrosive category.

The teacher could assess the student on their work to this point, but there is also the added advantage of being able to print the results and use them in the classroom as safety documents / study material.

More exploring to do…



  1. Hi, Dan. I enjoyed reading your blog. I think I’m beginning to understand the nature of the blog and the fact that it should be somewhat akin to a newspaper story.
    I also appreciated your point about Picasa being an added download. Much as I liked it, I don’t want to chance overloading my system. I love your collage.

  2. Dan, your Picasa Party blog is fun and entertaining and the collage of the girls is priceless! Thanks for sharing and I am glad I hooked you into checking out Picasa with my collage.

    ~:) Heather

  3. Hi Dan, I too loved the collage feature of Picasa…your collage is great! I was tempted to make a collage…actually tried it a few times, but I have so many pictures that were uploaded to Picasa that the collage just became too full. I think some cleaning up and organizing of my pics is needed…I am guessing you and Heather were both picking specific pictures for your collages or were they all the pictures in one folder?

    • Debbie,

      I did select a certain group of pictures. I first made one with pictures of the two cats we own, but it did get kind of cumbersome. The adage that less is more is certainly appropriate here. I have found that if you can stick to a theme in the blog, in the collage, in the flickr posting, etc. the results are more concise and readable.

      Thanks for the comment, continued success on the rest of the course.


  4. Dan,
    I’m really impressed by your energy–not one but two photo sharing sites figured out. I haven’t even looked at Picasa. I just used Flickr and found it quite inspiring. Does Picasa do things similar to Flickr or is it only collage?

    • Ruth,

      There is a lot more to Picasa. It is in the photo editing that it goes above and beyond Flickr. Flickr does, if I remember correctly, allow for the use of Picnik which is an online photo editing site. I think the key to using web2.0 tools of any sort is to wade through them and find the ones that work best for you as the teacher.


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