Aaaaaah – unreliable internet!

July 16, 2009

This blog posting comes from the wonderful city of Calgary.  I am at the Western Challenge Cup, a ball hockey tournament for players aged 9 – 19.  I arrived yesterday evening and got down to working on my course around 6:30 last night to work for about and hour.  After a meeting and a social gathering, I got back to the hotel and began to do some work.  I think the internet got sick in the meantime because it is soooo slow now.  All I have seen as I go from website to website is:

computer isues

Connection Interrupted

Needless to say, this has caused me much frustration as I can simply “Try Again” and it usually works.  For an individual who uses computers all the time, I have come to expect a certain level of service from my laptop and the internet.  I will have to keep trying and plugging away.

More to come from Calgary as the course progresses over the next 5 or so days.


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