A Wiki Waa Waa

July 27, 2009

This blog will be realtively free of words for this posting.  In learning about wikis, I decided to make one.

Please follow the link to the wiki.



  1. Hi, Dan. You did a lot of work in filling out your wiki. I am torn between using a wiki or a blog for some of the classes I teach. If collaborative efforts are the goal, the wiki has it hands down. If I want to assess individual work, perhaps the blogs would be better. However, the wiki can also be set up in a way that allows students to post individual responses or comments. I suppose there would be no real way of knowing if another student had edited the first student’s work. Hmmm. Or is there? Does the application record the name of the last editor? What is your take on this?

    • Lori, there is a feature that allows you to look at the changes that are made. For example, here is a sentence:

      The small girl looked at the large brown cow and was frightened.

      Now, let’s say that student #2 comes to edit the sentence to the following:

      The petite girl viewed the large brown cow and was terrified by its enormous size.

      In wikispaces colors are used to show changes new content in green and deleted content in red.

      [] = green {} = red

      The [petite] {small} girl [viewed] {looked at} the large brown cow and was [terrified by its enormous size] {scared}.

      The history tab will show the dates of changes and the user who made changes.

      What is also neat, is the ability to leave a comment when making changes. This is great for explaining why you are editing a persons writing the way you are. IT has the potential to lead to some quality discussions.

  2. Great idea to make a wiki about wikis! I will be great for PD with your staff

  3. Lots of useful information & tips for making and using a wiki. Thanks!

  4. Dan,

    When you mentioned how much you loved it when your Mom commented on your school work and how this could be a great aspect of wikis (that parents can see student work on them), it reminded me of something. I remember that I wrote a great essay for a grade 9 class. Of course, it was past bedtime when I was finished. I remember going into my parents’ bedroom and insisting on reading the essay to them before they could go to sleep. Of course, this was long before wikis or they could have simply looked at my essay online at the class wiki.

    • As I think about your comment and my initial posting of the thought, it made me think about the parents we have today. As a parent of the little one entering kindergarten this year, I hope that I will be able to be involved in her education. I know that parents are busy though and sometimes they can not be as involved as they would like or they choose not to be. Busy lives and the time available is probably the biggest factor. But, it can be easy. If students are doing work online, the ability to syndicate the work through an RSS feed sends the work right to mom or dad’s e-mail program or RSS reader. What a great way to get parents to see their child’s work and get more involved in their education, even if it is just a comment over breakfast like, “I saw the post that you made in science, those were some interesting thoughts.”


  5. Nicely lid out Dan. I haven’t attempted a nav bar on the left so your info was esp helpful.

    Love the NSYNC touch! Go young Justin!


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