Walking – I don’t really do walking…

September 30, 2009
This is a picture of my iPod Touch.  It is an 8GB 2nd Generation iPod

This is a picture of my iPod Touch. It is an 8GB 2nd Generation iPod

As part of my course on the pedagogy of technology, I have been assigned the task of walking with my IPod.  Now, I have to admit, I am not a walker, never was, don’t know if I will be, but I gave it a try…

With my iPod in my pocket and ear buds in my ears, I took off, putting one foot in front of the other.  My destination, around my neighborhood.

I should back up a bit before I set out on my adventure, I first spend a few minutes on my computer updating the music on my iPod.  I have put a few new items on my computer and haven’t synced my iPod in a week or so.  The new items downloaded to my iPod include some new music, an audio book, and some podcasts on educational technology.  I think I will vary my listening experience as I walk…oh the dreaded walking part of this assignment.

I set off in no real planned direction, there is a Miley Cyrus song playing in my ears.  I can feel my head bopping slightly and think to myself, “if my students knew what I was listening to, I would never hear the end of it.”  By the end of the song I am a fair distance from home and haven’t really noticed the fact I am walking.  I am bopping to the music and looking at all of the houses.  My wife and I are in the process of building a house, so I am always curious to see what people do for landscaping.  Please don’t tell my wife that or that is all she will ever want to talk about.

Time for a drinkI decide that a switch to something else on the iPod is appropriate.  I find a downloaded podcast of The Teachers’ Podcast.  The episode was on Virtual Learning and the benefits of online and distance learning.  The two podcasters were very supportive of well designed virtual learning environments.  32 minutes later I had walked around 3 kilometers (I am not walking very fast at all, just enjoying the scenery) and was near the Sherwood Park mall, time for a drink.

After a white hot chocolate is purchased, I leave the store and am headed back towards home.  I podcast is over and the audiobook is playing.  It is an Alex Cross novel written by James Patterson.  It is quite good and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  This whole experience is actually quite enjoyable and I am finding that my pace has picked up.  I am not picking up the pace to finish this task sooner, but because my feet just seem to be moving faster.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so negative about this task in the first place.  I have always figured that walking is just mode of transportation, but perhaps it can be fun, too.

In retrospect, I am pretty impressed with myself.  I was able to get a 56 minute forced de-stressing experience, complete an assignment for my masters, listen to some good music, interesting professional development and a really good book.  I will definitely need to try this a bit more often.  The problem is finding the time, but next time, perhaps I can take the two older girls.  They can listen to their MP3s full of Disney music and I will listen to a book.  Some family time (at least when we stop for an Orange Julius), some exercise, and some good listening.

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