McLuhan’s Laws of Media on the Blog

October 7, 2009

McLuhan and McLuhan develop four Laws of Media in their book Laws of Media.  I have been asked to create a tetrad ( a visual representation) of the four laws applied to the blog.  Below is that visual representation:

McLuhan's Laws Applied to the Blog

McLuhan's Laws Applied to the Blog

I am still trying to work on what is retrieved by the blog.  I think that there has to be something related to independent reporting by average citizens, but have not quite determined the wording for it.  As for what it reverses into…an explosion of the blogosphere means that each individual blog becomes less valid, less read, with less possibility of even being found among all of the others.  A single blog is like trying to whisper a message to a friend 25 feet away at a rock concert.  The massive noise around the sender and receiver make the message non-deliverable.
More on this assignment as I develop it over the next week; 4 – 6 page paper due next Thursday.

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