Growing PLN

October 23, 2009

As I continue to dive into the world of educational technology and web2.0 I am amazed by the number of wonderful people who are willing to share their time and talents with others.  They are not out to make a buck, but simply want to share their love of teaching and technology in order for students to acquire the best possible learning.  I recently came across a Ning group known as The Educator’s PLN.  This Ning is relatively new (only 6 days old), but it has already welcomed 500ish educators.  This is the power of the technology for developing professional relationships and as an avenue for professional development.

I don’t know if I have stated this before, but professional development is something that I want to further explore as part of my masters work at the University of Alberta.  I am coming to the realization that PD sessions help for a day or a half day are not the answer.  I learn more from Twitter chats and PLNs (in a very short amount of time) such as the one identified above than I do in full day sessions offered in different formats.

This posting is small, but my brain is whirring with activity as I consider the research possibilities of looking at onlinePLNs as PD options for teachers.

More to come on this topic…

One comment

  1. Hi Dan,

    You must be happy to be over half way through this course now. I have just 2 mods left in my Org Behviour course with Landor. We just fininshed a virtual group project which was an awesome experience.

    I am looking for a winter course and a spring course and am wondering about your thoughts on this one. Would you recommend it? Who is your instructor? How does it compare workload wise to our summer killer?

    Thanks for your feedback. If you want to reply by email I am shirjorg@telus.net

    Thanks Dan and good luck to the finish line!

    Shirley Jorgensen

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