October 24, 2009

As a teacher I am always having to manipulate files.  This is often becuase I do not have the right software installed on my machine at home or at school.  What am I to do?  The website Zamzar can help.  Zamzar allows for file conversion.  The first example that I can think of is the use of zamzar to convert new Office 2007 files from the .docx format to the 2003 format .doc.  I recently did this as I downloaded a paper I wrote with comments from my professor to school and the computer I have at school does not have office 2007.  In less than 3 minutes, I had converted the file, received the e-mail about where to download the converted file and I was readng the comments (I got an A-, by thw way).  Another good example of how to use zamzar is for audio or video conversion.  When putting video into PowerPoints, it has to be in one of a certain number of video formats.  If you have video that is not one of these types, you can use Zamzar to convert it.  The only limitation is that the input file is limited to 100 mb files for the free version.  The premium versions range from 7 – 49 dollars per month and features differ as you pay more per month.

I would suggest checking out the site and creating a delicious link to it, just in case you ever need to convert a file and don’t have the software to do it.

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