CeLC 2010 – my thoughts

June 24, 2010

I was able to spend the whole day at CeLC 2010 today.  It was a great first conference to attend.  Everyone involved is so very smart and knowledgable about technology and the use of technology in learning.

I presented again today.  This time it was in a panel session with Brad, Peggy, and Cathy.  They are such wonderful people and I think the session went well.  I don’t think too many of them were aware of McLuhan and McLuhan’s tetrad or Don Ihde’s Human-Technology Relations.  These two frameworks are, in my opinion, so very beneficial to analysing the potential affects of technology one introduced into the classroom or learning environment.

One of the audience members mentioned, regarding Peggy’s tetrad work on the iPod, that it didn’t obsolesce note taking, students just didn’t take notes as a result of having access to podcasted lectures.  I think this is a perfect exampleof how the tetrad can be used.  By going through the excercise, teachers can see that there is an affect that is unwelcome and they can plan accordingly.  In this case, a teacher could ensure that students were doing some note taking as they listened to the podcast.  This could be as simple as having students use their notes to create a summary.  The summary could be used as a formative or summative piece.  The tetrad and Ihde’s framework provide a lens to critically evaluate the technology.  I believe this is the greatest asset in completing the excercise of using these tools to evaluate technology; a more clearer picture of the technology becomes available and the technology can be evaluated.

Thanks to everyone for making the past two days a success.  I hope that this is the first conference of many.

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