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Top 5 Tweets of the Day – February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

gcouros gcouros
Software guides in Under 10 Minutes | The Whiteboard Blog

web20classroom Steven W. Anderson
The Googleaholics Guide To Everything Gmail:

ItsJustAwesome Awesome Stuff
by johnfaig
FACEBOOK asks me what I’m thinking, TWITTER asks me what I’m doing, FOURSQUARE asks me where I am. Conclusion: Internet is my girlfriend!

davidwees davidwees
#mathchat #scichat @sarahshep Okay. Try the flipped classroom model w/ you as one of the students. Find approp… (cont)

shamblesguru Shamblesguru
by davidwees
World Maths Day 1st March 2011 #mathchat #ntchat #maths #21CLHK


QR Code for this site…

February 24, 2011

What is a QR code?  For the Wikipedia version of the answer – click here.

Basically, it is a neat looking bar code that can encode text such as a URL address.

The QR code seen below is designed to bring you to this page.


What are the applications in an education setting for a QR code?

I have been working with our school principal on moving towards using a blog as a method of communication with the parents of our school newsletter.  It has been very successful.  Parents are tech savvy and we have seen a high number of visitors to the site.  To remind parents of the blog, I think it would be a good idea to send a small reminder note  (1/4 page size) home with the students including both the address of the blog and the QR code.  Those with smart phones could then access the site with the QR code.

I think this type of technology could be very useful, especially as more student bring in devices with QR code reading software or applications.


Top 5 Tweets of the Day – February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011

pbsteachers PBS Teachers
Celebrate Dr. Seuss b-day Wed. Mar 2 in your classroom with The Cat in the Hat marathon #teachers

wmchamberlain William Chamberlain
Great post about how instruction changes when blogging via my thanks to @ccoffa

russeltarr russeltarr
Bloom’s Activity Analysis Tool:

gwedman Greg Wedman
by tkorte
Can you teach effectively with technology if you aren’t an effective teacher without it? Nothing replaces good pedagogy. #abedtech

davidwees davidwees
New blog post: The value of storing your lesson plans online #edchat #BCed #edtech


Top 5 Tweets of the Day – February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

I am going to try a new type of post today.  Here is a list of five posts from Twitter that I found today.  I hope you are able to use it in your own practice.  Please comment if you think this is a beneficial post or type of post.  Follow me on twitter – @dancoles

If you teach rocks and minerals/weathering, this is a GREAT interactive animation from BBC #edchat #edtech #scichat


I organized my first #Skype video conference today! My students discussed playwrighting with a pro, and it was awesome! #edchat #edtech

from @lukerushly

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Slide It! Flip It! Turn It! Resources to teach these concepts. #edchat #mathchat

from @DreamBox_Learn

Experts vs. Problem Solvers. TED does it so well. #edchat #edtech #scichat #stem

from @TechGeeks83

RT @elephantsgerald: @mkuntz63 Welcome to twitter! grow your list slowly. it’s like bonsai #edchat

from @YancyUnger


NCTCA 2011

February 11, 2011

I recently presented at the North Central Teachers Convention. Below is the PowerPoint of for the presentation.

If you were in attendance and have additional comments, please feel free to pass them along.

Links from the presentation:

TPACK Game Online –

Learning Activity Types –

TPCK Wiki –

Files from the presentation:

Technology Planning – Laws of Media and TPACK PowerPoint

Presentation Handout

TPACK Game Notebook File – sorry for the round about way to download

Care to connect?

Twitter: dancoles



Tech Tip: Google Searching by Reading Level

February 9, 2011

The other day while sitting in a meeting discussing a student’s ability to search for content on the internet I had this brilliant idea: “What if a search engine searched by reading level?” I did a quick search myself to see if this idea had already been invented…it has.

Using the advanced search features of Google, one of the option is search by reading level. When selected, an option to view beginner, intermediate, or advanced reading levels is available.

I believe this would be a great feature to show students in younger grades or even junior high so that they can find sites that they are able to read and understand.