Top 5 Tweets of the Day – February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

I am going to try a new type of post today.  Here is a list of five posts from Twitter that I found today.  I hope you are able to use it in your own practice.  Please comment if you think this is a beneficial post or type of post.  Follow me on twitter – @dancoles

If you teach rocks and minerals/weathering, this is a GREAT interactive animation from BBC http://t.co/tQvq4ok #edchat #edtech #scichat


I organized my first #Skype video conference today! My students discussed playwrighting with a pro, and it was awesome! #edchat #edtech

from @lukerushly

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Slide It! Flip It! Turn It! Resources to teach these concepts. http://bit.ly/faTful #edchat #mathchat

from @DreamBox_Learn

Experts vs. Problem Solvers. TED does it so well. http://bit.ly/hTBgOl #edchat #edtech #scichat #stem

from @TechGeeks83

RT @elephantsgerald: @mkuntz63 Welcome to twitter! grow your list slowly. it’s like bonsai #edchat

from @YancyUnger

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