QR Code for this site…

February 24, 2011

What is a QR code?  For the Wikipedia version of the answer – click here.

Basically, it is a neat looking bar code that can encode text such as a URL address.

The QR code seen below is designed to bring you to this page.


What are the applications in an education setting for a QR code?

I have been working with our school principal on moving towards using a blog as a method of communication with the parents of our school newsletter.  It has been very successful.  Parents are tech savvy and we have seen a high number of visitors to the site.  To remind parents of the blog, I think it would be a good idea to send a small reminder note  (1/4 page size) home with the students including both the address of the blog and the QR code.  Those with smart phones could then access the site with the QR code.

I think this type of technology could be very useful, especially as more student bring in devices with QR code reading software or applications.

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