Top 5 Tweets of the Day – March 6, 2011

March 7, 2011
gcouros gcouros
Music | Jam Studio http://bit.ly/fqRdPc
gcouros gcouros
“Facebook” profile pages for literary characters http://bit.ly/fKi0DC
*Two from gcouros today – awesome tweets from him!*
tonnet Milton Ramirez
New technology sparks new learning methods. http://bit.ly/enDIxu
ktenkely ktenkely by PCSTech
I’ve come to realize that standardized tests serve mostly to make dreadful forms of teaching appear successful. -Kohn http://j.mp/hvTMCf
ipadeducators Jeff Johnson
Presentations + Keynote + iPad 2 + Xander Soren = Magic http://lesposen.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/xandersoren/

Top 5 Tweets of the Day – March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011
ransomtech ✜ Stephen Ransom

This is really neat… create music in the browser just using your mouse to draw on the matrix. Then share. http://bit.ly/bJaobh

*This is super addictive – you have been warned*

NikPeachey NikPeachey
How the iPad 2 Will Revolutionize Education: Educators are eager to break students free from of the nap-inducing… http://bit.ly/e5iuaO
xmath2007 Tom Boito
Who’s Really Scanning All Those QR Codes? http://bit.ly/ftHuss
iridescentNYC Iridescent NYC
Alan November take away: Children should not have to choose bt producing for their teachers and for the world. #TEDxNYED
cvaage Carol Vaage
For web resources for K – 3 teachers I’ve built this website http://www.k-3learningpages.net/ #ecec

Golden Apple Awards

March 4, 2011

I was watching the Edmonton Oilers hockey game last night, and came across the KCTS 9 Golden Apple Awards. I was only able to see a couple of the awards that were handed out, but was so intrigued that an hour of television would be devoted to quality education and quality teachers.

I think there should be something like this in every state and every province. This is truly a great way to inform the public of the wonderful work that teachers do.

See http://kcts9.org/education/golden-apple-awards for more information.


Top 5 Tweets of the Day – March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011

Edach Edach
Digital Citizenship & Staying safe Online, gr8t Livebinder of resources http://bit.ly/dCb0oR

TechnologyToday Stephen M
Transforming the Classroom – Collaborative Learning in the 21st centuary. A fantastic article forwarded by my SO http://bit.ly/hNjGZh

ncara Nancy Caramanico
School Websites with Pizazz http://bit.ly/f4aVgp Just posted #aoptech #arch10plp

olliebray Ollie Bray
New Blog Post: Internet Safety and Responsible Use: LTS Understanding Digital Literacy Video http://bit.ly/ht0PRv

wmchamberlain William Chamberlain
RT @tasteach: do you have time to leave some #comments4kids over the next ten weeks? Sign up here http://bit.l… (cont) http://deck.ly/~nm4NV


Top 5 Tweets of the Day – March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

ransomtech ✜ Stephen Ransom
(1) This student blog post has sparked some good discussion…”Balancing a healthy life with technology” http://bit.ly/h2IJe5

AngelaMaiers Angela Maiers
Powerful post- great Q to ask about education and student learning wp.me/p2GzI-nf

patrickcarman Patrick Carman
Live 39 Clues webcast coming soon featuring writing expert Ruth Calhum and four 39 Clues writers: http://bit.ly/39CWebcast

gcouros gcouros
Reading RT @CeciELT: RT @ij64: The Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V boom http://tinyurl.com/4nlxa5l > V good article about plagiarism and cheating

cmt1 Carol Tonhauser
Skype launches expanded services for teachers/students http://rww.to/hCKwXf #edtech #edchat


Top 5 Tweets of the Day – March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

nlakusta Nicole Lakusta
Toys to Tools Book Study w/ #siglit http://bit.ly/gTUllV starting this week! Please join in on the conversation! #edtech

@blogonweb2point Heather KennedyPlant
5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years – Dan Schawbel – Personal Branding – Forbes http://lnkd.in/-qWcSA

CoryJhnsn Cory Johnson
Bullying was around before technology and will always be around despite technology #cgeducation

smgrimes Sara Grimes
hey – female game design students – SOE now accepting applications for G.I.R.L. Scholarship: http://tiny.cc/un463

tomwhitby Tom Whitby
How can we expect our students to think Outside the box when teachers are limited to teach Insde the box? #edchat


Top 5 Tweets of the Day – February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

gcouros gcouros
Software guides in Under 10 Minutes | The Whiteboard Blog http://bit.ly/haNnbw

web20classroom Steven W. Anderson
The Googleaholics Guide To Everything Gmail: http://bit.ly/btq0eA

ItsJustAwesome Awesome Stuff
by johnfaig
FACEBOOK asks me what I’m thinking, TWITTER asks me what I’m doing, FOURSQUARE asks me where I am. Conclusion: Internet is my girlfriend!

davidwees davidwees
#mathchat #scichat @sarahshep Okay. Try the flipped classroom model w/ you as one of the students. Find approp… (cont) http://deck.ly/~ioy8A

shamblesguru Shamblesguru
by davidwees
World Maths Day 1st March 2011 http://www.worldmathsday.com #mathchat #ntchat #maths #21CLHK